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Canopy by T.EN™ brochure

Capture with confidence. Now.

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As a world-leading engineering and technology provider for the energy transition, we have over half a century of experience in energy, gas processing, CO2 management and significant infrastructure developments.

Today, the global community is facing an acceleration of decarbonization with a worldwide 7Gtpa target to be reached by 2050. The era of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is here with a tougher climate, higher stakeholder expectations and new investment incentives.

At Technip Energies, we believe in building a low-carbon future. Now we are paving the way in CCUS with our fully integrated approach. Capture.NowTM, our strategic platform for carbon capture, utilization and storage, brings our complete suite of CCUS technologies, services and solutions together under a unified umbrella.

Via Capture.NowTM, we support our clients throughout their CCUS journey, helping them navigate each stage to cost-effectively capture the opportunity to decarbonize their operations, exploit markets for cleaner products, utilize low-carbon energy and achieve net-zero goals.

We are getting it done, delivering world-class, high-performance projects for the energy transition across the globe and along the value chain for various clients.

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