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Ethylene decarbonization brochure


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Reducing CO2 emissions of ethylene plants, by energy efficiency, electrification, use of hydrogen and carbon capture

For over 50 years, Technip Energies has been a leading provider in the licensing, design and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of ethylene plants. Our teams have designed and built some of the largest and most complex ethylene crackers in the world. Over the years, through innovations in the design of the technologies and equipment, we have transformed our ethylene plants to improve their energy efficiency, lower their costs and reduce their emissions, including CO2 and NOx.

Improved energy efficiency and reducing emissions With regulatory changes pushing to decrease CO2 emissions for crackers, (e.g., Europe’s goal calls for a 55 percent decrease by 2030), Technip Energies has been looking at a range of options to reduce CO2 emissions from ethylene plants, applicable to both new and existing plants. We offer our clients designs of plants that decrease steam generation and increase the use of electric motors as drivers for machinery. This electrification of plants works hand in hand with new furnace designs to minimize the fuel fired and CO2 production.

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