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Integrity and compliance

Our commitment to excellence

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Technip Energies’ aim to build a better tomorrow means that we care as much as what we do, as to how we do it.

We have a zero tolerance for corruption, we believe in fair competition, we reject any form of human slavery, we protect personal data and human rights, we encourage our employees to speak-up. 

We abide by the laws but our concept of Compliance goes beyond the strict adherence to the laws and our policies and procedures, as our foundational beliefs guide our decisions as we go beyond the strict adherence to the law.

Code of Business Conduct 


Our Code helps us recognize and address the ethical dimensions to our everyday decisions.

Integrity and compliance program 

Our world-class compliance program is designed on a risk-based approach and focuses on the priorities below:

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption: Our standards and processes provide a clear and comprehensive framework for our business in all of the countries in which we operate, in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Trade Controls and Foreign Boycotts: We implement policies and procedures pertaining to international trade laws and regulations imposed by applicable authorities.
  • Data Privacy: We implement appropriate security and access measures to protect personal data stored in information systems.
  • Human Rights: The protection of human rights principles is an essential business principle we promote for our employees in the workplace and across our supply chain.

Reporting concerns

It is up to each one of us to uphold the principles in our Code of Business Conduct. We encourage our employees or any third parties to raise questions and concerns.

Breaches or suspected breaches of our Code can be reported through various means, including through an independent third-party via the dedicated reporting helpline.

Technip Energies has a zero-tolerance policy on retaliation against employees or any third party for reporting actual or suspected breaches of our Code.

Please contact our reporting helpline at the following link:

Human rights and worker welfare

At Technip Energies, we believe that everyone is entitled to honest, fair and courteous treatment. We do not tolerate any form of modern slavery. We express a strong commitment against the use of forced and child labor, and our support for respecting human rights.

Technip Energies is a proud member of Building Responsibly - an industry-led collaborative initiative enabling construction and engineering companies to collaborate around their shared values, advance their compliance programs and agree on common approaches regarding worker welfare and human rights.

We are specifically advancing compliance in recruitment, working conditions, and supply chain practices. We worked with our Building Responsibly member companies to develop a series of worker welfare Guidance Notes associated with each of our worker welfare principles, which also form the basis of our human rights strategy.

Global Human Rights Policy

Supplier & Subcontractor Integrity Expectations

We aspire to develop business relationships with like-minded partners who are guided by a similar set of principles of business conduct, based on trust and integrity. 

Our Suppliers and Subcontractors are required to follow the applicable laws of each country in which they operate and observe the principles of the Technip Energies Code of Business Conduct, as well as the Technip Energies Supplier & Subcontractor Integrity Expectations.




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