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Supporting the energy transition with a reliable and innovative supply chain

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Our suppliers

The commitment and performance of our Suppliers are key drivers of Technip Energies' success, contributing to our position as a market leader.

With a significant global footprint, our supply base is governed by robust sourcing strategies to secure improved results for our clients through quality, competitive conditions, enhanced efficiency and on-time delivery.

The company's Sourcing and Procurement organization consists of approximately 700 individuals worldwide working towards the same goals while complying with our business values and strategies.

We continually strive to identify and develop strong, long-term relationships and partnerships with Suppliers.

Through our continued collaboration, we are able to continue creating innovative solutions to support our clients' ever-changing needs and challenge industry conventions.

Supplier Gateways

Existing suppliers will utilize Technip Energies' collaboration interfaces, that may be accessed from the below links:

Ideal supplier attributes

Supplier selection is based on several attributes, as well as on an audit of their financial strength and long-term stability. Suppliers should:

  • Understand opportunities
  • Offer world-class safety, quality and delivery standards
  • Make the right resource commitments
  • Support Technip Energies in delivering the ESG roadmap
  • Embrace continuous improvement
  • Honor commitments
  • Demonstrate flexibility and reliability
  • Have a mutually beneficial relationship with Technip Energies
  • Proactively innovate and communicate
  • Comply with contract terms
  • Provide Technip Energies with a sustainable advantage, whether it is technical, commercial or qualitative.

Public announcements and mentions

Technip Energies requires that all public mentions of the company first receive approval from Corporate Communications.

Suppliers are not allowed to use Technip Energies' logo or endorsement on any external communications channel without prior authorization.

Requests for approval must be submitted in English to Corporate Communications via the Media contact on the Contact us page to allow for appropriate review and approvals.

Unapproved requests are not to be distributed. News releases shall not contain the contract value or imply Technip Energies' endorsement of the supplier.

Technip Energies requires that all public mentions of the company first receive approval from Corporate Communications.

Find the relevant document for your requirements on our Document Templates page.

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