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Technology centers and capabilities

Developing and testing new technologies

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Frankfurt, Germany, Technology Center

Zimmer® Polymer Technologies
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Technip Zimmer®’s technology center is the key innovation driver for Zimmer® Polymer Technologies fostering cooperation with partners and clients. The technology center primarily focuses on polymerization and recycling processes and is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of R&D services in those areas.

Experienced researchers and engineers with access to unique laboratory and pilot plants and state-of-the-art analytical facilities provide services to our clients for all phases of product development from business idea to commercialization. This includes generation, testing and optimization of polymer recipes, small-scale and mid-scale sample production, process development based on lab plant data and process commercialization services.

For more information visit: Zimmer website


  • Semi-commercial, 1- & 2-stage batch pilot and SSP bench plants for polycondensation
  • UV/VIS spectrometer, colorimeter, refractometer
  • Viscosimeter, titrator, coulometer, polarograph y GC, HPLC, DSC

Third-party services:

  • R&D of proprietary processes, equipment and polymer recipe development
  • Sample production/evaluation, process validation and commercialization
  • Feedstock and polymer analytics according to international standards (ISO, DIN, EN, ASTM)

Weymouth, Mass., USA Technology Center

Badger Process Technology

With a highly experienced staff and a proven track record of successful process commercialization, the Weymouth Research Center provides bench, pilot and demonstration scale services for the development of chemical process technologies.

Our lab and engineering teams work together to generate accurate data that allows clients and partners to cost effectively extend their research and development capabilities. Most importantly is the access provided to an experienced research team dedicated to the development of novel process technologies.


  • Ten 24/7 fully automated pilot plants online GC and continuous process analyzers
  • Fixed, fluid and stirred reactors and separation equipment
  • Advanced analytical capabilities
  • Gas chromatography - TCD/FID/MS/NPD/SCD
  • Ion chromatography
  • TGA

LECO total carbon services

  • Catalyst activity, selectivity and life testing
  • Bench, pilot and demonstration scale testing
  • Technology evaluation
  • Process scaleup and commercialization

For more information visit: Badger website

Processium, Lyon, France, Campinas, Brazil

Processium technology centre image

Processium is a wholly-owned Technip Energies company that supports its clients in their projects towards a sustainable economy by designing and developing cost-effective processes. It designs and develops next-generation processes to support the energy transition and enhance manufacturing competitiveness in the field of sustainable chemicals.

Processium provides process development services that accelerate and de-risk new technology introduction for clients ranging from startups to large industrial companies. 

 For more information visit: Processium website

Compiègne, France, Technology Center

Techniology Centers_Compiegne

Our Cybernetix laboratory in Compiègne, France, has demonstrated expertise in advanced nondestructive testing and multi-instrumented tests for evaluating and qualifying coating materials and structures for cryogenic spill protection.

The combination of mechanical engineering and nondestructive testing skills allows our laboratory to characterize and understand the fundamental behavior of tested materials or equipment.

For more information visit: Cybernetix website

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