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Aerospace and related industries

Leading engineering and project management for aerospace and other pyrotechnical industries

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Safety and reliability are absolute requirements for aerospace and other pyrotechnical industries. We are supporting our clients’ endeavors to develop new launching capacities and help them on the ground to address the complexity of pyrotechnic materials facilities.

Laurent LAHEUX, Head of Market, Industries, Technip Energies

Dedicated proven capabilities for all stages of aerospace and defense markets

We are experts in engineering and project management for the aerospace sector. With 40+ years of experience and recognized process and pyrotechnical expertise, our teams offer clients dedicated capabilities for all stages of the solid propellant production chain and launcher preparation and integration.

Our recent works in the aerospace market include the implementation of solid propellant production facilities in the Kourou Space Center, French Guiana. In addition, we have other solid references such as the implementation and upgrade of a solid propellant production chain for the Ariane 5 Vega, a 40-building facility for the raw materials preparation to the segment delivery and the first fully automated production plant in French Guiana. The upgrade was delivered in a harsh environment as a greenfield project.

Single point of contact for all stages of pyrotechnical devices production, maintenance and storage

We offer other industrial clients dedicated capabilities for all stages of pyrotechnical devices production, maintenance and storage. We provide a single point of contact for a large range of specific skills, including project management, engineering, pyrotechnical expertise and modeling know-how. We apply leading methodologies and software, including pyrotechnical safety studies, construction services and consultancy. 

World-class provider of surveillance and robotics solutions

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  • Advanced surveillance, visual intelligence and robotics solutions that enhance the integrity and performance of our clients' assets (Cybernetix expertise)
  • Design and manufacture of nondestructive testing equipment based on radiography and tomography for the manufacturing industries (CyXplus technology)

Extensive expertise from concept to project delivery

  • Advisory and consultancy
  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
Automated production plant delivered in French Guiana
Buildings for raw materials preparation to the booster delivery
Years of experience implementing major pyrotechnical projects
Buildings’ calculation to blast overpressures

One single partner covering the entire value chain

  • Unique point of contact from conceptual design to project implementation
  • Proven expertise and experience
  • Capacity to deliver complex and highly technological projects in remote environments
  • Expertise in in pyrotechnical and safety issues
  • On-time and on-budget project delivery
  • Engineering system for production industrial complexes

Specific pyrotechnical safety studies

  • Characterization of the energetic materials
  • Impact assessment (combustion, deflagration, detonation)
  • Determination of the blast overpressure propagation
  • Design of structures to dynamic overpressure (shock and gas)
  • Primary fragment penetration/perforation calculations
  • Thermal effects

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