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Meeting the global energy challenge and delivering CCUS ambitions at pace. Now.

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End-to-end integrated solutions and technologies across the CCUS value chain

We provide a complete range of services, from consulting and feasibility studies to EPC, delivering the best possible carbon reduction solutions for our clients.

Our collaboration with various industry partners and technology innovators, in addition to our proprietary technologies, allow us to offer robust, cutting-edge solutions for the CCUS market. 

Shaping new frontiers from carbon capture to utilization


From pilot size to megatons units, Technip Energies can capture carbon quickly, efficiently and at any scale. We are a multi-technology solutions provider, continuously developing our pre- and post- combustion carbon capture portfolio through our own technologies and collaborations and partnerships with industry leaders.

Pre-combustion carbon capture

We have an extensive history of CO₂ removal from high pressure gases in the field of natural gas processing, hydrogen, ammonia and refining. This experience is essential for the production of low carbon hydrogen for direct combustion or the production of low carbon ammonia.

Our BlueH₂ by T.EN™ is a full suite of deeply decarbonized and cost-competitive solutions for hydrogen production capturing up to 99 percent of CO₂, with Technip Energies' advanced SMR and in partnership with Casale, cutting-edge ATR-based solutions capable of achieving deep blue H2. From amines to membranes, we work closely with the world’s premier providers to deliver proven solutions for offshore and onshore assets.

Post-combustion carbon capture

We have alliances and partnerships with leading post-combustion technology providers, including Shell CANSOLV and Svante, servicing a wide range of industry applications and emitters for both new-build and retrofit facilities.

  • Exclusive alliance with Shell CANSOLV® CO₂ Capture System

We have been engaged in an exclusive alliance with Shell CANSOLV® since 2012, offering advanced post-combustion CO₂ capture solutions. Shell CANSOLV is a leading amine- based CO2 capture technology, which offers cutting-edge performance, low parasitic energy consumption, fast kinetics and extremely low volatility. Technip Energies and Shell CANSOLV are engaged in joint programs and projects, such as Hafslund Oslo Celsio, to achieve continuous efficiency and competitiveness improvements.

  • Partnership with Svante

Our portfolio also includes Svante’s unique solid sorbent technology, which is chemical and emission-free. In addition, in natural gas, our post-combustions solutions allow the production of decarbonized LNG using mature technologies.

In ethylene, we can also provide post combustion solutions for facilities to make it carbon capture ready.


CCUS utilization image

At Technip Energies, we believe that utilization of captured carbon to form useful, commercial-viable products is an effective pathway to decarbonization and circularity. Which is why we are dedicated to shaping the new frontiers of carbon use.

For emitters of smaller CO₂ volumes and those far from CO₂ transportation and storage networks, carbon utilization can prove to be vital in achieving carbon reduction objectives. We have been applying our extensive knowledge and transferable skills in chemicals, fuels and CO₂ technologies to support the application of carbon utilization in variety of areas:

  • Chemical conversion with green hydrogen to eMethane, eMethanol and eFuels 
  • Microbial/enzyme conversion to ethanol as a building block towards sustainable fuels and chemicals 
  • Mineralization 
  • Nanotubes and polymers 
  • Algae cultivation.

We offer a complete range of services, from advisory technology scale-up and commercialization, to full EPC, to help you explore and develop utilization solutions for your captured carbon.


CCUS transportation image

With top-of-the-line technologies, we will devise the optimal solution for transfer of your CO₂ from point of capture to point of utilization or storage.

We have been supporting some of the world’s leading CO₂ hub and cluster developments, from earliest concept design to EPC. Our expertise in pre-conditioning, compression, pumping and liquefaction means that CO₂ will enter your chosen transportation mechanism under ideal conditions and within specification.

For cutting-edge transfer systems, we have developed the world’s first liquefied CO₂ marine loading arms, currently being deployed at the Northern Lights CCS project in Norway. We’ve also gained extensive knowledge in fit- for-purpose onshore and offshore pipeline design, major port modifications for CO₂ shipping, and workable control for complex gathering networks.

Our expertise covers all modes and combinations of CO₂ transport, including road, ship and pipeline, ensuring the safest, most efficient and cost-effective transportation solution.


CCUS storage image

Whether CO₂ is re-injected or permanently sequestered, Technip Energies offers a complete suite of solutions to achieve your objectives safely and efficiently, using conventional or own proprietary methods.

We have supported clients worldwide in onshore, offshore and subsea CO₂ injection and sequestration strategies, using new, greenfield facilities or re-purposed existing infrastructure.

As the concept of cross-border CO₂ shipping for storage gathers momentum, we are meeting the need with the development of our Offshore C-Hub™- an innovative, adaptable, relocatable and flexible floating hub solution for offshore CO₂ injection and sequestration. Offshore C-Hub™ has been applied in diverse conceptual studies for major clients, sequestrating up to 5 MTPA of CO2 in various water depths.

C-hub case study


CCUS Offsetting image

As global societies transition to a more sustainable world, direct air capture (DAC) and carbon offsetting have huge potential as powerful pathways to net zero. That’s why we are strategically positioning Technip Energies in offsetting technologies, via our internal R&D programs and working synergistically with leading direct air capture technology providers to develop critical components of the process.

We also are engaged with clients in the early phase assessment of DAC technologies and other carbon neutralizing approaches. As a world leader in CCUS solutions, let us help you make offsetting solutions a viable reality, building long-term decarbonization pathways that support your energy transition journey. 

Canopy by T.EN™. Capture with confidence.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey with our integrated Canopy by T.EN™ suite of post-combustion carbon capture solutions powered by Shell CANSOLV® CO2 capture system. 

Canopy by T.EN™ allows our clients to capture with confidence, de-risking their projects, and meet their targets quickly, efficiently and affordably, regardless of scale, industry or location. 

Canopy by T.EN™

Partnering with clients every step of their CCUS journey

CCUS people image

From concept to delivery, we work in partnership with your team to gain an in-depth understanding of your commercial and operational needs and constraints, enabling us to proactively manage interfaces at every stage of the project. We help you de-risk your developments and make your project a technical and commercial success.

With more than 50 years of experience and a proven track record in major energy infrastructure projects worldwide, Technip Energies is firmly established as a leading provider of fully integrated CCUS solutions, and a partner you can trust. 

Lead the low-carbon race. Now.

Find out how we can help you reach your COreduction goals faster, at any scale, with real commercial value.

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