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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Driving the CCUS market, new growth opportunities and carbon transformation with Capture.Now™

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We are committed to a sustainable world. Ready to capture. Now.

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The global community is facing an acceleration of decarbonization and net-zero ambitions with a worldwide 7Gtpa target to be reached by 2050. The era of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is here. Tougher climate targets, higher stakeholder expectations and new investment incentives mean that CCUS already is playing a vital role in the transition to net zero.

At Technip Energies, we believe in a low-carbon future. Leveraging our expertise and credible track record, we offer Capture.Now, a strategic platform that brings under one umbrella all our CCUS technologies and solutions portfolio needed to support our clients on their decarbonization journey. We help you worldwide to cost-effectively capture the opportunity to decarbonize your operations, utilize low-carbon energy and achieve your net-zero goals across industries.

With Capture.Now™, we reinforce our strong position in CCUS and accelerate our strategic ambition to shape new frontiers in carbon valorization. Now.  

Capture at pace

Faster delivery means accelerated returns. From design to operation, and at any stage in the value chain, we have the technology, expertise and experience to execute your decarbonization objectives within the shortest possible time frame. We are working together with our partners to deliver on CCUS ambitions at pace

Capture at any scale

From pilots and small, modular solutions to bespoke options and mega projects, we tailor our technologies to your unique and changing needs.

Capture value

We balance the CCUS equation. From funding to implementation, we are focused on affordable, economically viable, integrated and practical CCUS solutions at every stage. Committed to pioneering new frontiers of carbon use, we develop business models that add value through decarbonized products and energy.

Standing by our clients’ side at every step of the value chain to decarbonize their operations.

As a world leading engineering and technology provider for the energy transition, we have more than half a century of experience in energy, gas processing, CO2 management and major infrastructure developments. Now we are paving the way in CCUS with our fully-integrated approach.

We support our clients throughout their CCUS journey, helping them navigate each stage to cost-effectively capture the opportunity to decarbonize their operations, exploit markets for cleaner products, utilize low-carbon energy and achieve net-zero goals.

We are getting it done, delivering world-class, high-performance projects for the energy transition across the globe and along the value chain for a wide variety of clients.


CCUS development projects

>35 Mtpa

carbon to be captured and/or avoided


FEED and EPC projects



Designing and delivering tailored CCUS solutions for every sector

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To reach net-zero goals, CCUS needs to be accessible and cost- effective for every emitter. We are helping clients capture decarbonization opportunities across key sectors, including:

  • Domestic power and utility providers
  • Waste-to-energy and biomass
  • Cement
  • Steel and metals
  • Natural gas and LNG
  • Low carbon hydrogen & ammonia
  • Ethylene and petrochemicals
  • Refining

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Shaping new frontiers from carbon capture to utilization

Leading CCUS integrated services and technologies.

We offer full-chain CCUS solutions, seamlessly gathering all elements of the equation to deliver value from start to finish. We invest in technologies, partnerships and collaborations. We devise innovative uses for and ways of offsetting carbon while developing new business models that contribute to the global economy and sustainability.


It all starts with capture. Leveraging our comprehensive suite of low-carbon technologies providing tailored, flexible solutions for any emitter.


We invest and collaborate to shape the frontiers of new carbon use. We explore new technologies and applications, identifying and exploiting commercially viable markets to create value-added opportunities from CO2.


We condition and transfer COfrom point of capture to point of utilization or storage – safely, quickly and cost-effectively by pipeline, ship or road.


We help our clients manage the permanent sequestration and safe storage of COeither by conventional means or cutting-edge approaches.


We work with leading developers of direct air capture (DAC) technology to enable organizations to directly remove COfrom the atmosphere and offset their emissions.

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Canopy by T.EN™. Capture with confidence.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey with our integrated Canopy by T.EN™ suite of post-combustion carbon capture solutions powered by Shell CANSOLV® CO2 capture system. 

Canopy by T.EN™ allows our clients to capture with confidence, de-risking their projects, and meet their targets quickly, efficiently and affordably, regardless of scale, industry or location. 

Canopy by T.EN™

Transforming carbon into opportunities

Remove complexity at every step
Transforming carbon into opportunities image

From early phase advisory services to EPC and onwards, we fully support clients with a complete range of CCUS solutions. With reliable, practical and measurable delivery as our ethos, we stand by your side, removing complexity and maximizing value every step of the way.

We de-risk your project using the latest tools, know-how and methods, combined with a pragmatic approach stemming from a 50-year proven track record in major energy infrastructure projects worldwide.

Lead the low-carbon race. Now.

With Capture.Now™, Technip Energies reinforces its strong position in CCUS and accelerates its strategic ambition to shape new frontiers in carbon valorization.

Find out how we can help you reach your COreduction goals faster, at any scale, with real commercial value.

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