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Transport and Installation

Proven expertise in derisking your project execution

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Harsh environments and weather are essential parameters to take into account in transport and installation projects. We bring all our track record to bear on each project, providing certainty to our clients on design and scheduling."

Cédric Mary, Head of Transport & Installation department

Technip Energies offers transport and installation expertise that guarantees certainty of design and safety throughout the project. Our team of pioneering experts can provide full support to energy and marine renewable energies clients in their transport and installation projects.

Long established within the offshore industry, we develop concepts and create detailed engineering plans to help our clients find transport and installation systems that work for them. We start from the conceptual stage, uncovering the right solution for a specific project. We act as a crucial link between design teams, vessel owners and construction yards to identify the right vessel for the job and provide accurate information on modules to be transported.

We also are growing rapidly in terms of offshore wind expertise. Technip Energies is a shareholder in Naval Energies, an emergent player in the marine renewable energies sector.

Cost efficiency for our clients

  • We’re unique within the industry because we can take on a project’s operational management while also acting as our clients’ installation manager.
  • This reaps cost and efficiency benefits from an early stage. For example, we can identify what an installation’s final topside weight will be.
  • Such upfront knowledge is key. Otherwise, an installation’s final weight can be up to 20 percent over estimates, jeopardizing the installation assets selection.

Transport and Installation services for modular constructions and offshore wind


Our logistics experience enabled us to ship 142 modules from Asia to Siberia for the Yamal LNG project. Now the market is changing. And as trends such as modular construction and offshore wind continue to develop, we’re staying ahead of the curve.

We’re helping our clients save time and money by supporting them through modular builds and project execution planning. We bring together a team of naval engineering, marine operations and logistics experts to overcome the complex challenges of sea transportation and installation.

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