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Circular solutions

Supporting the circular economy with new sustainable solutions

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“Technip Energies aims to help our clients respond to their customers’’ demands for more sustainably developed and sourced products.” We are committed to providing recycling solutions for each of our plastic technologies to contribute to the circular economy.” 

Dr. Andreas Bormann, VP, Technology Sustainable Chemicals, Fuels & Circular Economy, Technip Energies

A circular approach driven by demand and enabled by technology

The circular economy focuses on ways to eliminate waste and limit the use of natural resources by reusing, repurposing and recycling. Technip Energies is active player operating in this growing market. We offer a wide range of recycling and other solutions to help companies of all sizes and industry sectors move to a circular economy business model.

Innovative circular solutions

Technip Energies brings its experience with traditional industries to power proven circular economy solutions to reduce waste and pollution. Our circular economy innovations are based on extensive knowledge of materials processing and long-standing partnerships with the world’s biggest industrial players and renowned brand owners. 

We offer start-up consultancy services to help our partners shift to a circular economy by finalizing processes and beginning industrialization and commercialization. We provide early-stage action plans to assess plant budgets and develop business cases, helping companies adapt their processes to a feasible circular model. 

Specialized skills for a changing world

We are helping clients boost their sustainability credentials by moving toward a circular economy throughout the value chain. Regardless of the project type, our recycling technology and other circular products and services support companies of every size from established players to startups. Our key references include a demonstration plant in France for Carbios PET, the development of TruStyrenyx™, the first commercial technology to depolymerize waste polystyrene back to a 99.8 wt% purity styrene monomer, our joint development project with Synova and SABIC to produce olefins and aromatics from plastic waste,  and our alliance with BP Infinia enabling circularity for difficult-to-recycle PET plastic waste. 

Circular economy options

Our circular products
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Our technology centers of expertise throughout Europe, the USA and Asia are home to teams of experts in numerous fields that provide circular economy solutions: 

  • Chemical recycling solutions:
    • TruStyrenyx™, an all-in-one solution for the chemical recycling of polystyrene to a 99.8 wt% styrene monomer , developed in collaboration with Agilyix 
  • Plastic recycling:
    • Pure.rOil™ by T.EN and Pure.rGas™ by T.EN, two advanced plastic recycling solutions for circularity achieving conversion yields of up to 80% downstream purification applications for pyrolysis
    • Multiple alliance partners addressing mechanical or chemical recycling of various forms of plastic wastes, including Alterra Energy, APChemi and Synova 
  • Start-up and commercialization support for depolymerization of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) waste with Reju, an innovative company focused on creating new solutions at scale for plastic fiber in textiles that goes unrecycled and ends up as waste.


Extensive capabilities, flexibility and know-how

  • Extensive knowledge of materials processing and experience with plastics and polymers including related monomers and catalysts

  • Focus on advanced chemical recycling processes, including depolymerization

  • Ability to support client process development for industrialization, licensing and modularization 

  • Proven execution of small- to large-scale renewable energy projects worldwide

  • Flexibility to adapt work processes to startups

  • Multiple technology centers and testing facilities with dedicated experts across the world 

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Technip Energies - TruStyrenyx Polystyrene Waste Recycling Technology

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