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ARDA Week 2022


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Cape Town, South Africa

Technip Energies is a proud sponsor of Arda Week 2022. 

The ARDA’s vision is to serve as the leader in Africa’s transition to cleaner fuels. In that vein, the ARDA promotes harmonization of cleaner fuel specifications across Africa in line with the AFRI Fuels Roadmap to avoid urban pollution and the associated health challenges. The ARDA supports implementation of a Cleaner Air Policy with a regulatory framework that considers fuels and vehicles as an integrated system.

The ARDA is also focused on developing an integrated energy self-sufficiency plan for Africa that promotes the processing of African crude oil in upgraded African refineries, distribution of resulting cleaner petroleum products via African pipelines and terminals with funding primarily from African financial institutions. The ultimate goal is to drastically reduce fuel imports by upgrading the refineries and distribution infrastructure on the continent to meet Africa’s petroleum products requirements.

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