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CSPL Nanhai
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Archive - CSPCL Nanhai, world-scale ethylene cracker, passes performance tests

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CSPCL Nanhai, world-scale ethylene cracker, passes performance tests

LONDON, PARIS, HOUSTON, January 10, 2019 - TechnipFMC's (NYSE: FTI) (PARIS: FTI) technology and design are part of CSPCL's 1.0 MTPA cracker which recently passed all performance tests. The tests confirm that the performance targets for the furnaces and recovery section have been met.

TechnipFMC's scope included the technology and front-end engineering design for the cracker and the design of the 9 furnaces. This new ethylene cracker will more than double the current production level at the Nanhai petrochemical complex. The furnaces are designed to crack ethane, Light Naphtha, Heavy Naphtha, Hydrocoked Naphtha and Refinery Dry Gas as well as other feedstocks and to produce polymer grade ethylene and polymer grade propylene which are the basic materials for making ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, propylene oxide and high-quality polyol and polyolefins.

The work was executed by the company's operating center in Houston, Texas, USA. Houston is also the headquarters for TechnipFMC Process Technology, a global network of centers which look after the company's expanding portfolio of onshore process technologies in petrochemicals, refining, hydrogen and syngas, polymers, gas monetization and renewables.

The CSPCL Nanhai complex is the largest single-site complex in China(1). As a 50/50 joint venture between CNOOC and Shell, the complex is the largest Sino-foreign joint venture in history. Located in the Guangdong Province, CSPCL was designed to produce more and better chemical products to help meet the growing domestic demand.

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