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Technip Energies. A new company. A strong brand

Where energies make tomorrow

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Welcome to Technip Energies !

We’re delighted to introduce you to Technip Energies, a leading engineering and technology company for the energy transition.

Our brand, Technip Energies, is more than a new name, it’s a new vision and a great opportunity to build a better future for our industry and for all of us.

Technip Energies is a driving force to address the challenges which our industry and our world need to tackle. The energy transition is one of them. We have a role to play as the future of energy is shaping the future.

We are a team of 15,000 talented professionals engaged in transforming the energy industry for a better tomorrow. We believe that, by working together, we can shift the lines and turn our clients’ vision into a sustainable reality. We are driven by our collaborative, inclusive and open spirit. We are pioneers.

Technip Energies. Where the future of the energy industry is happening.

Want to know more?

The name Technip Energies clearly bridges the iconic past (Technip) and the future of this new company (Energies).

The visual signature is round, powerful and illuminated like the Earth. It welcomes positive and vibrant colors from bright blue to restful green, merging to embody a changing world and the acceleration of the energy transition. Touches of coral color are added to express human energy.

The logo includes the acronym ‘T.EN’ which means Technip ENergies, and which also illustrates the words Transition and ENergies.

The signature - “Where energies make tomorrow” - conveys the pioneering spirit and diversity of Technip Energies’ team of 15,000 women and men, and the shared determination to have a sustainable positive impact on the future for people, clients, partners and society.

Our brand reveal video (0:57)
Our corporate video (1:49)