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Cybernetix Surveillance, Robotics and NDT

Using intelligent systems to optimize performance and reduce risk

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We strive to put technology at the service of a cleaner and affordable energy and collaborate with our clients to improve the uptime of their assets, reduce operating costs, HSE risks and GHG emissions with value adding solutions."

Samuel Rocher, CEO, Cybernetix

Delivering innovation for harsh environments and operational constraints

Video: Technip Energies - Cybernetix Corporate (3:08)

Expertise is the hallmark of Cybernetix for robotics and surveillance systems. We work with an array of clients in the oil and gas industry and other energy sectors. This includes nuclear, where our involvement dates back more than 20 years.

Our solutions help energy clients increase uptime, reduce costs and improve safety and speed of decision-making through augmented monitoring and advanced robotics solutions for inspection and dexterous interventions.

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Tailored solutions from standard building blocks

Surveillance: We offer reliable, nonintrusive solutions for monitoring the integrity and performance of a system’s critical components (hull, mooring, risers, flowlines, etc.). We propose surveillance strategies based on monitoring and inspection solutions, using proprietary data management and processing software.

Robotics: We analyze performance and review clients’ safety targets to propose the proper robotics roadmap. We combine a proprietary supervision system, state-of-the-art hardware and payload to drive uptime, improve safety and lower costs.

Cybernetix founded
Projects in 2020
Experts working in France

Advanced robotics solutions

We support clients throughout the asset lifecycle, assessing the benefits of implementing robotics on their assets from the earliest stages.

Using our process-focused methodology, we consider design, operating philosophies, performance targets, risk and reliability assessments to define the optimal implementation roadmap.

Our iterative process allows us to deliver robotics solutions that are evolutive in scope and autonomy. Once the systems are installed, we offer support services including training, online monitoring, spare parts management, remote trouble shooting, maintenance and upgrades.


Leading surveillance technologies

There is no catch-all solution for surveillance.
Cybernetix - Offshore Robotics (3:20)

Each project presents a unique set of needs and circumstances, and from the first steps of a new project Cybernetix is ready to help.

Our engineering and digital experts develop a surveillance strategy and determine the best solutions to manage integrity risk and optimize asset performance.

    We supply systems to monitor the integrity and the performance of:

    • Critical items of a production system (onshore transportation pipelines, hull, moorings, tendons, structures, risers and SPS)
    • Causes of failure (corrosion, cracks, breakages, fatigue)
    • Causes of degradation (temperature, pressure, sand).

    Our systems combine monitoring and inspection solutions with our proprietary data management and processing software, and can interact with our advanced robotics solutions.

    Once in operation, we support clients throughout the life of the asset, providing services for site intervention, training, online monitoring, remote troubleshooting and spare parts management.

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