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Offering advanced technology, expertise and innovation

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Technip Energies Loading Systems is a trusted solutions provider. As an offshore and LNG leader, we differentiate ourselves through quality products, innovation, unmatched engineering support structures and unrivaled aftersales services.

Technip Energies Loading Systems serves clients across the petrochemicals, gas and new energies industries from offshore facilities to refineries and chemical users. Safety and quality drive everything we do and we strive to remain pioneers in the market with a strong focus on developing new technology.

One of our main activities since the 1950s has been providing marine loading arms for onshore and offshore use with different applications on the energy market. Our superior loading arms engineering has helped to distinguish us in the LNG market.

We have been blazing trails in offshore and ship-to-ship transfers while providing a full-fledged FLNG offer. We have field-proven technologies to meet any energy transition challenge.

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