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Annual ECC PerspECCtives Conference


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Marco Island, United States

For over 50 years, the Engineering and Construction Contracting (ECC) Association has provided unique opportunities for industry pioneers and innovators to collaborate in a forum free from the daily demands and politics of business — the Annual ECC Conference. The ECC aims to drive excellence and the long-term success of the industry through networking, innovation, and outreach. 

ECC provides opportunities for professionals from all aspects and all levels of the engineering and construction industry. From the Future Leaders program, a program that recognizes and fosters budding leadership, to established thought leaders and industry pioneers, ECC is working to build avenues for greater understanding, knowledge growth and career advancement for all who participate. 

We will showcase our expertise and capabilities as a Basic Sponsor at the ECC PerspECCtive Conference on 30 August – 2 September 2023 in Marco Island, Florida, USA. 

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