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Technip Energies will showcase its world’s leading expertise in liquified natural gas with several of our experts taking the podium at LNG2023 July 10-13 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

As the largest global conference and exhibition on liquified natural gas, LNG2023 will provide a unique platform for the global LNG industry and key stakeholders to discuss, debate and display the latest industry developments and opportunities.

Our speakers:

At 8:00 a.m. (UTC-7) on July 11, Christophe Baudel, Executive Project Director, will present “The Coral Sul FLNG Project: The World’s First Ultra-Deepwater FLNG.”

At 04:45 p.m. (UTC-7) on July 11, Xun Jin, Supervising Engineer Process, will discuss “CO2 Utilization in LNG Plants – A Case Study to Produce SNG via CO2 Methanation.”

At 04:45 p.m. (UTC-7) on July 11, George Hu, LNG Chief Technology Manager, will talk about “The Features of Mid-scale Productized Liquefaction Units that Address the Immediate Demand of the LNG Industry.”

Also at 04:45 p.m. (UTC-7) on July 11, Rajeev Nanda, Head of Expertise and Solutions, will present “Low-Carbon Footprint LNG Regasification Terminal.”

At 8:00 a.m. (UTC-7) on July 13, Eric Morilhat,  Managing Director Loading Systems, will discuss “Loading Arm Innovation: Introducing the Automatic Electric Loading Arm.”

At 10:45 a.m. (UTC-7) on July 13, Gauthier Perdu, Head of Carbon Capture Technologies will present “Gravity-Based Structure for LNG trains – an opportunity for mega-modularization”.

At 10:45 a.m. (UTC-7) on July 13, Rafael Agra, Construction Manager will present “Recent industrial references with Post Combustion Carbon Capture mean it can be considered for LNG”.

We’ll tell you more when you stop by and visit us at Stand 509.

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