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Arnaud Pieton Technip Energies CEO image
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Achieving net-zero: the art of the possible by Arnaud Pieton

Interview with Arnaud Pieton, CEO

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On June 22, our CEO Arnaud Pieton delivered a keynote speech during major event on global energy transition. 

Organized by the news agency Reuters, the online event took place between June 21 and 25 and brought together leaders and change-makers determined to create a low-carbon future.

In a change from our usual interview format, we have repurposed Arnaud's keynote address as a series of short Q&A video clips on this important topic.

Entitled ‘Achieving net-zero: The art of the possible’, the speech covers the defining challenge of our age. And it has a vital and positive message for all of us.

View the interview videos:

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Intro: What is the net zero challenge? (01:33)
What does the energy transition mean? (02:54)
How will collaboration help us succeed? (03:06)
How will Technip Energies play its part? (01:55)

How is Technip Energies putting this into action?

Decarbonizing the LNG process: NFE (01:21)
Towards a clean and colorful hydrogen future (01:37)
Taking the green fuel road (01:06)
Conclusion: What is your message on this crucial topic? (01:07)