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Archive - TechnipFMC renews its technological partnership on innovation and technology with the CEA

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TechnipFMC renews its technological partnership on innovation and technology with the CEA

LONDON, PARIS, HOUSTON, February 7, 2019 - TechnipFMC signed the renewal of its strategic partnership agreement for innovation and technology development with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

TechnipFMC and the CEA have been collaborating in innovation and technology development since 2011. Through the renewal of this agreement for an additional period of 5 years, TechnipFMC aims to strengthen the competitiveness of its business through the transfer and adoption of new technologies.

Following past successes around non-destructive testing, sensing and robotics, virtual reality, and computational physics, the strategic partnership will focus on four main technology fields: digitalization to develop augmented assets and products, new materials and processes, augmented simulation methods, and energy transition.

The CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in the fields of defense and security, low carbon energies (nuclear and renewable energies), technological research for industry, fundamental research in the physical sciences, and life sciences. Based at the heart of a very strong scientific, industrial and academic environment, located in Paris and in Grenoble (France), the Technological Research Division at CEA gives access to over 4500 researchers and is focused on the development of new technologies in energy, transport, healthcare, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Justin Rounce, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, stated: "This agreement demonstrates the commitment of TechnipFMC to remaining at the leading edge of technology and innovation and to driving change through technology. The CEA is one of the world's leaders in development and commercialization of core technologies and is dedicated to industrialization of those technologies through companies such as TechnipFMC".


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