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Collaboration is key to #BeatPlasticPollution on World Environment Day


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#BeatPlasticPollution is the theme of the UN’s World Environment Day  on June 5. It’s a message we fully endorse and are taking action to deliver.

As a technology & engineering leader we have an important role to play. Bhaskar Patel, SVP Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals & Circularity, said:Across the world, the overconsumption of natural resources, pollution, and waste have been rising continuously. To help tackle this, we are committed to act responsibly by strengthening the circular economy model. The design phase is one of the main drivers of circularity and our business lines today reflect a bold strategy of decarbonization and impact reduction as early as possible in the project life cycle.”

Specific targets to preserve resources and avoid waste are critical including in the sites under our control, i.e. project sites, industrial assets and offices. By 2025, we aim to have 85 percent of the waste we generate (in weight) being recycled. And we are proud of our employee-led community programs (notably in India, Malaysia and the USA) to raise awareness around reduction and recycling of waste and single-use plastic.

As plastics are a key component in a wide range of sectors, T.EN is determined to have recycling methods for each of our plastic technologies and to integrate sustainable feedstocks where we can. These goals are underpinned by robust R&D programs and strong partnerships. Among others, our research center in Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States, develops and tests technologies for petrochemical applications. In our center in Frankfurt, Germany, we develop and improve polymer technologies by incorporating bio-monomers (instead of raw materials from fossil fuels) and by licensing biodegradable polymer technologies like bio-PBS or PBAT to help commercialize clients’ products.

Several factors set us apart: we have extensive knowledge of materials processing, deep experience in plastics and polymers, proven project execution capabilities and technologies that can be plugged into recycling processes.

Bhaskar concluded: “On this World Environment Day, we are proud to contribute to the preservation of the environment as a technology and engineering company, and to develop solutions to decarbonize the industry and to reduce plastic pollution.