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T.EN Polyjoule Eco Green Energy Race
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Double win for Technip Energies’ sponsored cars at Shell Eco-Marathon

Team from Nantes school pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency

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The two cars sponsored by Technip Energies won at the prestigious Shell Eco-Marathon, one of the world’s toughest technological challenges.

PolyJoule is a prototype running on electric batteries. It won a world record by running an impressive 1,259.2 km per kWh.

'CityJoule' is a hydrogen-powered car which took part in the Urban Concept category and ranked first with 311.3 km per cubic meter of hydrogen.

Both cars were designed and produced by students from the Polyjoule Association, and their enthusiasm and ingenuity are impressive. This French group is a tie-up between Nantes University and the city’s La Joliverie high school, one of the leading training centres in France for the automotive sector. Nearly 30 students supervised by 7 teachers worked together on the design and production of ecological automotive prototypes.

Every year, the association participates in two major races.

The EcoGreen-Energy Challenge was the first race on May 15 and 16 near Nantes, France. The team chose not to race due to poor weather conditions. Nevertheless, they were able to check their technical readiness and ability to implement a race strategy.

The Shell Eco-Marathon was the second race which took place between May 19 and 24 at the Nogaro circuit, France, and gathered contenders from Europe and Africa.

The concept of the Shell event fits perfectly with Technip Energies’ aim to support and lead the energy transition. It brings together students from across the world to push the boundaries of energy efficiency, challenging young people to see who can travel the farthest using as little energy as possible.