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Joining Hydrogen Europe

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Technip Energies, a global leader in hydrogen processing, is now a member of Hydrogen Europe.

Hydrogen Europe brings together diverse European industry players, research institutions, as well as national and regional associations, who support the delivery of hydrogen technologies. It works very closely with EU institutions (including the European Commission) and supports the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement recognizing hydrogen as a net zero emission society enabler. 

Technip Energies has a history going back more than 50 years in hydrogen processing. A pioneer of the steam reforming process with more than 270 plants worldwide, we continue to enhance and develop our own proprietary technologies for low carbon solutions. We already have over 50 references of carbon capture from hydrogen plants and are expanding our offering in carbon-free hydrogen solutions.

Narik Basmajian, Vice President Hydrogen Product Line, said: “Our market leadership means that we are well positioned to support Hydrogen Europe in its united vision and long-term ambition for hydrogen in order to foster the energy transition. Clean hydrogen is our business. With a track record of leading-edge production technologies, we are ideally placed to provide the full suite of solutions across the hydrogen value chain.”

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