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New approach brings benefits at Corinth Refinery in Greece

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A forward-thinking change in the project execution strategy by our team at the Motor Oil Hellas’ Corinth Refinery in Greece has helped make sure the project stays on course.

Mauricio Brenno Guglielmi Maes, Project Director, explained: “We finalized our plans for completion of the CCR Platforming Process Unit by coming up with a new approach.”

The initial strategy was to erect the CCR reactor’s steel structure in ‘stick build’ mode. This means installing elements piece by piece at their final elevation, with an estimated overall duration of two and a half months and further longer term effects on the overall project planning.

Mauricio said: “In April, working with the Mechanical Contractor, we aimed at optimizing the constructability and field construction equipment space occupancy. We therefore reviewed the design of the structure from an engineering point of view and decided to change to a configuration of four modules, pre-assembled on the ground.”

The steel for the modules was delivered in early May. All four modules were pre-assembled on the ground and erected in 41 days, including the reactor installation in between the first and second module. To reach this goal was also of the upmost importance the contribution of Motor Oil Hellas as the project owner.

“This was very important for the project because it gave us the required agility to speed up the critical part of the construction process, and stay on track globally” said Mauricio.

Our contract at Corinth Refinery covers the construction of a New Naphtha Complex. This will have a capacity of 22,000 barrels per day and consists of three new process units.