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Sustainability report 2021
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Our first Sustainability Report is essential reading


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Our first ever Sustainability Report has now been published and it is essential reading for anyone interested in our business.

As well as detailing the progress we have made in our first 12 months, this sets out our absolute commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practice.

Titled Energy is our reality, Transition is our business, the Report has a range of informative contributions from people across the company.

It spells out how we are tackling the biggest challenge our industry has ever faced, and doing so in a sustainable way.

The Report covers every topic from our ESG Roadmap to our diverse workforce and the digital transformation of our business.

When the company was launched there was a pledge to build a sustainability roadmap, fully integrated with our business strategy, and publish a report and performance scorecard every year.

Further to the publication of our ESG Roadmap early March, our new Sustainability Report fulfills a significant part of that commitment.

Read the report here

Video: Technip Energies - Sustainability Report 2021 (0:41)

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