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Technip Energies’ 2023 Sustainability Report highlights key milestones


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Technip Energies’ 2023 Sustainability Report demonstrates our commitment to transparency and sustainable growth. This report showcases the Company’s achievements in sustainability, including the new goals set for biodiversity. It highlights the positive trend in our ESG Scorecard performance across our three pillars: Climate & Environment, People, and Trust.

A shorter booklet ‘Sustainability at a Glance’ is also available. It gives a snapshot of Technip Energies’ key accomplishments in 2023, such as advancing low-carbon solutions through innovation, partnerships, and environmental stewardship.

At Technip Energies, we promote an inclusive culture and take responsibility by collaborating with stakeholders. As Sandra Melki, our Vice President Marketing & Sustainability, puts it, “Our focus on sustainability is driven by our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and by our desire to support our customers on their decarbonization journey.”

The Company’s ambition to lead its sector has been recognized by ESG rating agencies. Technip Energies is now rated above industry average by leading agencies:

  • MSCI has reaffirmed our AAA industry leader rating for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Sustainalytics now ranks us within the top 10%.
  • S&P Global rating improved to top 7%.
  • ISS ESG rating improved to top 30%.
  • CDP rating improved to B, above the industry average.

Technip Energies remains committed to driving sustainable growth and creating a more sustainable future for all.