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Technip Energies Announces a License Agreement with OCIKUMHO for a 100 KTA EPICEROL® Plant in Malaysia


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Technip Energies announces that OCIKUMHO Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture between OCIM Sdn. Bhd. and Kumho P&B Chemicals has signed a license agreement for a 100 kilotons per annum (kta) EPICEROL® plant for the production of epichlorohydrin (ECH) from glycerine.

ECH is a compound mainly used to produce epoxy resins. Its main applications serve the clean energy market, such as wind, solar, tidal and electricity transmission, providing corrosion protection coatings. It is also used in the industrial, automotive and packaging industries and as composites in the aerospace industry.

Using a bio-based raw material, OCIKUMHO’s unit will be integrated into a new processing complex using electricity made by hydro power, in Sarawak, Malaysia to serve the growing ECH market. OCIKUMHO will be the first to manufacture epichlorohydrin in Malaysia.

Bhaskar Patel, Senior Vice President Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals and Circularity, commented: “EPICEROL® offers a cost-effective process with a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional propylene-based ECH. This breakthrough technology produces no waste water, fewer emissions, effluents and harmful by-products, making it one of the most environmentally friendly processes possible.”


About Technip Energies

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