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Technip Energies marks World Environment Day

3 questions with Fabienne Michalon

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Fabienne Michalon

June 5 marks World Environment Day (WED), dedicated to Ecosystems. The health of our planet is a key part of Technip Energies’ sustainability vision. Technip Energies’ Global Environment Manager Fabienne Michalon explains what the company is doing to meet the challenges faced in this vital area.

Q: Why is World Environment Day so important?

Fabienne Michalon (FM): It’s important because it raises awareness of the challenges we face in looking after the planet on which we all live.

As a company, we are marking WED today in order to show our strong commitment to this cause and because it’s an important part of the energy transition in which we are involved. As individuals, we can all have a positive impact on the environment at work as well as at home.

Q: How do Technip Energies’ capabilities in the energy transition make a difference?

FM: Energy transition is a clear business focus for Technip Energies, at the core of our strategy. To deliver decarbonized solutions for a better environment, we have been offering our clients for a few years now a number of technologies and skills, leveraging our extensive experience in project execution. Today, 70% of our backlog is composed of Energy Transition projects including LNG. This shows that we are engaged in shifting the lines.  

We also have a deep sense of responsibility everywhere we operate. Respecting the ecosystems, where we live and work, such as water streams, soil, vicinities is integrated in our approach and standards. 

Q:  Can you give some examples of projects and initiatives where Technip Energies is putting its commitment to sustainability and the environment into action?

FM: There are many examples and I will quote just a few!  For example, we have a long-term partnership with Neste for their renewable fuel complexes in both Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Singapore. We are playing a key role in plastics recycling, for example through a strategic partnership with Synova to commercialize their advanced plastic waste-to-olefins technology. And, of course, we are a global leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG) a critical transition fuel emitting considerably less CO2 than other fossil energies, and even less when combined with carbon capture facilities as we do in Qatar.

In addition, our clients actually expect us to help them reduce their carbon footprint along the value chain as well as  improving their water, material and waste performance. We have the capability to meet their expectations by being involved at every stage of a project, and provide advice and solutions.

Regarding the management of our own operations, in workplaces such as construction & fabrication sites, manufacturing units or offices, we have robust internal management systems and clear reporting procedures to monitor our performance, whether the indicator is proactive (percentage of renewable energy or recycled water used, for instance) or reactive (pollution for instance). 

At last, our new headquarters building in Paris is built to the highest environmental standards and is exemplary in areas such as energy consumption and water usage. 

Our industry has all the resources to make a huge contribution to a low carbon economy and that in turn impacts on the ecosystem. Our teams are mobilized every day to conduct business keeping our sustainability & environment belief in mind.  Everyone is striving to deliver in line with Technip Energies’ vision: accelerate the energy transition for a better tomorrow.

Watch our World Environment Day video (01:46)