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Training begins for Long Son

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We have overcome the huge challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to begin our operation and maintenance training program for the first olefins plant ever built in Vietnam.

As part of our contract, we have started training our client’s personnel who will ultimately operate the Olefins Plant of Long Son Petrochemicals complex when it comes on stream. Under normal circumstances, training would be done in presence. However, in the current sanitary situation, virtual solutions had to be implemented to deliver such a critical training.

The overall program will last a year and it started in February. The first training module covering the Olefins Plant of Long Son Petrochemicals complex facilities is being delivered remotely to a large number of participants. Trainers and trainees, spread across the world, from Thailand and Vietnam to Italy and the United States are coordinated by the Customer Training section of our Rome operating center.

Because the training is across a number of different time zones, some of those taking part have to do so in the middle of the night, showing their real commitment to the program and to team working.

Dante Pastore, Project Manager for the Olefins Plant of the Long Son Petrochemicals complex, stated: “Thanks to the competency and professionalism of our specialists, we succeeded in launching this challenging training, overcoming COVID-imposed constraints.

The Long Son Petrochemicals complex is located some 100 kilometers south-east of Ho Chi Minh City. We have been awarded the engineering, construction, procurement, start-up, interim operation and maintenance contract for the plant, which will help to meet Vietnam’s rising demand for petrochemical products.