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ZPC cracker in China passes its performance tests


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A mega ethylene cracker in Zhoushan City, China, for which we provided proprietary technology and process design, has passed all of its performance tests. 

The plant is operated by ZheJiang Petroleum & Chemical Company Ltd (ZPC). It is the first of three mega ethylene cracker plants that will be located in the city’s integrated refining and petrochemical complex. This plant will be capable of producing 1,400 kilotons of ethylene every year.

The final acceptance certificate was issued recently, after the plant successfully started up in January 2020  and passed all performance guarantees in 2021.  

In addition to the ethylene cracker technology, the plant incorporates key proprietary technologies. These included a Heat Integrated Rectifier System, Ripple Trays™, and Spent Caustic Treatment.
Bhaskar Patel, Senior Vice President, Process Technology, said: "We are very pleased with passing the final acceptance test and performance guarantees of ZPC-1 mega ethylene plant. 

“As one of the mega liquid ethylene crackers in China, this is a great milestone for the complex and another example of our proven ethylene technology."

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