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Breaking Boundaries Podcast image of Poornima Sharma
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Breaking Boundaries #13 - “We wouldn’t be Technip Energies without our experts”


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“We wouldn’t be Technip Energies without our experts” says Poornima Sharma

In our upcoming 13th episode of the Breaking Boundaries podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Poornima Sharma, the VP of Operations at Technip Energies for Europe and the Americas. With a remarkable career spanning over 35 years in the energy industry, Poornima has risen to the ranks of senior management and stands as a symbol of strength and determination.

Originally from India, her journey has taken her across continents, notably the USA, where she pursued her engineering career with unwavering dedication. Poornima has a proven track record of successfully managing high-performing engineering projects.

Currently based in California, she leads operations for Europe and the Americas Business Line 2 at Technip Energies. Join us in this episode as Poornima shares her valuable insights, experiences, and leadership strategies in the ever-evolving energy industry. Get ready to be inspired by her incredible journey and expertise.