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NT Energies

Technip Energies and NMDC Energy join forces to accelerate energy transition

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Decarbonizing industries is a collaborative journey and partnerships are the catalysts for change. At NT Energies, we combined efforts of two big players to support our clients in their energy transition.

Benoit Verdier, Managing Director of Technip Energies in Abu Dhabi and CEO of NT Energies

About NT Energies

NT Energies is a joint venture created by Technip Energies and NMDC Energy (formerly NPCC).

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, NT Energies is actively contributing to the energy transition across the United Arab Emirates, the broader Middle East region, and North Africa. Our extensive portfolio of services is designed to address diverse energy and sustainability needs.

We specialize in blue and green hydrogen production, decarbonization projects, advanced CO2 capture technologies, and a range of industrial initiatives, including waste-to-energy, biorefining, and biochemistry. Our commitment to these endeavors underscores our dedication to advancing cleaner and more sustainable solutions for the region and beyond.

NT Energies

Combining strengths to support energy transition in the MENA region

With a focus on decarbonization and sustainable fuels, we help our clients achieve their net zero goals. Through shared expertise and resources, the collaboration seeks to introduce innovative solutions, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy sector in the evolving landscapes of the Middle East.


Project Delivery Excellence

Building on our track record of delivering the most complex projects


Creating and maintaining local value and sustainability

Local Integration

Ensuring local integration with access to manufacturing and fabrication

Safety and Quality

Not compromising on our commitment to quality and safety

Delivering world-class end-to-end services across key sectors

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Energy efficiency, blue hydrogen and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)

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Carbon-free energy solutions: 

Green hydrogen, offshore wind and nuclear

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Sustainable chemistry: 

Biofuels, biochemical, circular economy

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Onshore and offshore liquefaction

Offering a unique range of joint capabilities at every step of the value chain

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  • Regional and global footprint with a history of local presence and execution, providing in-country value
  • Project management capabilities including mega EPC projects
  • Fabrication capabilities
  • HSE and quality excellence
  • Technological expertise
  • Highly skilled team with years of experience
  • Demonstrated strong financial position.

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