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Volunteering in Colombia

Supporting our communities

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Our Colombian entity, Tipiel S.A, has shown significant commitment to sustainability, whereby two main programs have been implemented to support the exercise of human rights as well as inclusion & diversity. 

      Let's go to the market together

      The first program, “Let’s go to the market together” supports the economic and social development of vulnerable families in Barrancabermeja.  

      The program objectives are as follows: 

      • To develop entrepreneurship.  
      • To strengthen formal and sustainable popular initiatives.  
      • To modernize the productive capacity of the municipality in an inclusive manner.  
      • To generate stable income for the communities. 
      • To generate participation of women in development processes.  
      • To generate knowledge that contributes to the construction of peace.  

      To strengthen the capacities and transformative leadership of women in their families and in society, through their active participation in the development of viable and sustainable small-scale businesses.  

      Volunteering that cares

      The second program; “Volunteering that cares”, aims to offer valuable help to former homeless people in the country’s capital, Bogotá. 

      The program objectives are as follows:  

      • To manage a space for the construction of peace and justice where work is done in favor of human rights and the reduction of social and cultural gaps. 
      • To accompany the vulnerable population in their rehabilitation processes. 
      • To work along with other institutions to create sustainable alliances over time that seek and promote the SDGs and the 2030 agenda. 
      • To assist in the acquisition of the identity card of the vulnerable population for the exercise of rights such as health, education, and housing. 


      The first initiative, “Let’s go to the market together”, provides financial promotion as a strategy to facilitate the sustainability processes of small businesses, stimulate job creation, diversify the local economy, and contribute to the construction of stable and lasting peace in Colombia. 

      “Volunteering that cares” is a program that allows volunteers from Tipiel S.A to share with vulnerable populations and members in rehabilitation at the centres of the District Secretariat Social Integration of Bogota. On average, it reunites 20 regular Tipiel S.A volunteers to share 50 minutes every Tuesday. 

      This initiative offers a space to carry out recreational activities, tell stories etc. In addition, the volunteers of Tipiel S.A manage the process of obtaining a replacement of the participant’s identity card, as many no longer possess one (allowing access to education, healthcare and a home). 


      In 2021, the coverage of “Let’s go to the market together” has been extremely successful: 1,634 small-scale productive initiatives have been granted (representing up to 80%) amongst which 1,307 are led by women and 327 by men. 

      In parallel, this initiative has benefited the population displaced by violence in the region and the vulnerable population in Barrancabermeja.  

      In 2021, “Volunteering that cared” helped 80 men and women and provided up to 68 duplicates of the identity card.  

      In 2021

      small-scale productive initiatives
      of initiatives led by women
      identity cards duplicated

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