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Unlock Your Potential at Technip Energies with MY Development

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At Technip Energies, we launched MY Development in June 2023, our new Mid-Year Development conversation, representing an important addition to our performance and development journey.

As we work to position Technip Energies as a technology player for low-carbon solutions, we recognize that the key to success lies in our collective efforts. That's why we are fully committed to fostering an environment that enables each and every one of our employees to thrive and unleash their full potential. 

The introduction of My Development represents a remarkable opportunity for all our employees to actively engage and participate in the following: 

  • Creating a high-performing culture where every talent is supported to be successful. 

  • Enable each individual's career aspirations and development needs. 

  • Developing a feedback culture to seek continuous improvement of all. 

  • Enabling role modeling of our values. 

At Technip Energies, we believe in the crucial role of managers in supporting skills and career development, as well as overall personal growth. That’s why this mid-year review will facilitate open and constructive discussions between managers and team members. It is an opportunity to explore career aspirations, assess technical competencies, align with our values, and design individual development plans.  

It is also the perfect time to take advantage of the global learning programs offered by T.EN University, to enrich your development journey even further. 

For the first year, we are proud that more than 6,800 conversations have taken place between employees and their managers, allowing for as many individual development plans.  

From here on forward, we strive to increase this engagement and continue to be part of the solution!