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SnapLNG by T.EN™

A new way of delivering low-carbon LNG with unprecedented certainty and accelerated time to market.

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At Technip Energies, we are opening new frontiers in LNG and its decarbonized production to facilitate the energy transition and support our clients toward a zero-carbon emission objective.” 

Maxime Miloyan, VP LNG Market

We are LNG pioneers facilitating the energy transition

The international community is facing a triple challenge to secure energy supplies, reduce its carbon footprint and maintain energy sales prices to an acceptable level. In this context, natural gas is essential to the energy transition since it enables the production of electricity with a reduction of CO2 emissions by nearly 50 percent compared with coal. Natural gas is the only fossil fuel with consumption expected to increase by 2040. 

In the natural gas market, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the sector with the largest growth forecast, increasing about 50 percent by 2030 and more than 100 percent by 2040 due to its energy supply flexibility, security and ability to be easily transported over long distances. 

Drawing on 60 years of experience, Technip Energies is committed to enhancing our clients’ project performance and accelerating the energy transition by offering solutions to reduce CO2 emissions from gas liquefaction and export terminals.

We have combined our engineering, technological and project execution expertise to develop SnapLNG by T.ENTM, with the aim of meeting these challenges and extending the frontiers of the energy transition.  Today, we offer our clients a new approach to decarbonize their LNG production and reach their carbon reduction target through pre-engineered and standardized modules: The Solution Zero for low-carbon LNG.

The Solution Zero for low-carbon LNG

A unique modular and standardized approach
The Solution Zero for low-carbon LNG

SnapLNG by T.ENTM consists of 2,5 Mtpa train modules delivered to our clients’ door, ready to be installed, self-functional and pre-commissioned with no or minimal adjustment.

Our solution benefits clients with faster time to market and faster revenues, saving more than two years in overall project development duration under a derisked execution scheme. 

Committed to a sustainable future, we designed SnapLNG by T.ENTM with electric motors to drive the refrigerant compressors, offering decarbonized production and avoiding ~350 kTe/year per train of CO2 emissions versus a gas turbine-driven solution.

With pre-engineered and standardized LNG modules instead of tailored projects, our clients can save more than two years on total project duration. 

SnapLNG by T.EN’s™ design provides greater LNG train reliability, rising plant availability to approximately 97%, which means increased yearly revenues. Our unique approach provides certainty in cost execution, delivery schedule, plant reliability and availability and plant performance.

​​≈ 2,5
Mpta per Train
saving 2 years in project duration
CO2 emission in operation
plant availability

Maximizing client value and capacity

An unprecedented certainty at every scale of the value chain 

SnapLNG by T.ENTM delivers a complete LNG liquefaction plant with simplified project execution. Our solution offers certainty in costs execution, delivery schedule, plant reliability and availability and plant performance. 

  • Our design delivers greater LNG train reliability, increasing availability from 93% to about 97% and representing +15 days of production per year. 
  • With SnapLNG by T.ENTM and our accessible fabrication yards, our clients benefit from a commitment to on-time delivery at a cost fixed at the time of FID. In addition, bulk quantities are reduced directly impacting scheduling and costs. 
  • With its modular approach, SnapLNG by T.ENTM minimizes on-site labor for greater efficiency and meets project needs where construction labor is insufficient or not competitive enough.

Optimized asset life cycle performance

A single source of truth in the asset model  

The strong data model and data foundation developed during the standard FEED of SnapLNG by T.ENTM provides a solid backbone for FEED completion and EPC phases and beyond for operation and maintenance.

SnapLNG asset life cycle performance

Take advantage of the LNG market

Take the lead today in the liquefied natural gas market by teaming up with a unique partner with the expertise to support clients throughout the entire process from project design to delivery, operation and maintenance.

Meet your GHG emission reduction targets by making the transition to more environmentally friendly solutions. Execute your LNG projects more efficiently with rapid implementation, confidence in project quality and certainty of success. 

With SnapLNG by T.ENTM, you can implement low-carbon LNG projects quickly, safely and with guaranteed success.

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