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We’re inviting people to be part of the solution to accelerate the energy transition

Interview with Véronique Lafleur-Kamp, Vice President People Development at Technip Energies.

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Appointed in January 2022, Véronique Lafleur-Kamp is Vice President People Development, in charge of Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Employee Value Proposition, and Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to joining Technip Energies, Véronique was Talent Development and Organizational Director for the Clean Mobility Business Group at Faurecia.

Q - What are your main missions and objectives?

Véronique Lafleur-Kamp (VLK) -“Our engine is human” to quote our CEO Arnaud Pieton. As the energy industry undergoes major transformation, the role of my team is to leverage our employee experience and guide our strategy to attract, engage and retain the best talents for the Group with a recognized employer brand on the market.

This means leveraging our employee experience with an inspiring learning and development journey for all. We achieve this by investing in the development of our people’s skills and competencies and enhancing the learning mindset across the organization to manage our expertise and critical skills. We strive to provide upskilling opportunities and aspirational career paths throughout our company, creating a safe and inclusive workplace. Our goal is to empower individuals and managers to grow and be their authentic selves within our organization.

All these elements are embedded in our new employee value proposition (EVP), which is how we want to reimagine our approach to candidates and re-emphasize the value we offer our employees across all markets.

Q - Can you tell us about the Employee Value Proposition and why it’s so important for Technip Energies?

VLK - The EVP is a strategic framework that seamlessly aligns with our company’s purpose and values. Designed and developed collectively, it defines what employees can expect from their experience at Technip Energies and underlines the value we offer them across the globe.

Our EVP distinctly communicates what sets us apart in the energy engineering industry. It is our commitment to foster an inclusive workplace where people are the driving force, opportunities abound, and each day presents a chance to collectively build a better future.

We are very proud of our new claim: “Be part of the solution”. This is the call to action we share with our candidates and teams, to be part of the solution for the net zero trajectory and take pride in finding cutting-edge solutions to solve real-world energy problems.

Q - How do you ensure that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are integrated into all aspects of the organization?

VLKFundamentally, Diversity means nothing without Inclusion. We consider our Diversity and Inclusion agenda as a business priority like any other topic. We are cultivating real behavior change in everyday interactions and ways of working to boost innovation and collaboration. We are lucky to have Wei Cai, our Chief technology officer as our D&I Sponsor. She brings her passion, convictions and fresh perspective to the table on our three priorities: delivering tangible results of gender representation at all levels, driving a robust governance to deliver results, and increasing awareness on barriers of inclusion in the workplace.

To do so, we run a few concrete initiatives at all levels of the organization like the setup of global and local D&I Champions groups to cultivate a real change in the way people collaborate and work together locally or the implementation of a D&I course for all employees as part of our Future Ready Learning Program. By promoting a safe and caring professional environment we aim to build a climate of growth and development where everyone in the company can be their authentic selves without bias!

Q - How do you position women in leadership roles?

VLKOur ESG roadmap has set ambitious targets to have 25% of leadership positions held by women by 2025, progressing to 35% by 2030. Internal development and support, along with robust talent management processes, training, mentoring and career paths design are essential for achieving this goal.

We also sustain a diversified pool of candidates in our talent acquisitions activities recruiting candidates for leadership roles and preparing the future with young graduates. Indeed, we target gender parity in the intake of new graduates to grow the female talent pool. Over the last three years we have consistently achieved this parity whilst multiplying graduate recruitment by five.

Q - Can you tell us about the learning journey at Technip Energies?

VLK - Our workforce of 2030 will largely consist of our employees of today, which is why we’ve set the target of providing 40 hours of learning for all employees by 2025 and have increased our learning budget by 50%.

In 2023, we introduced T.EN University around six learning domains: technology, commercial, leadership and management, digital, culture and project management, and with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. This is to ensure constant alignment of learning solutions with business strategies and a learning offering for all.

In January 2024, we will launch our “Future Ready” learning program by T.EN University taking a multi-disciplinary approach to accelerate our energy transition transformation and support the development of new skills, knowledge, and mindsets for all employees: strategy, technology, sustainability, wellbeing, D&I, safety, ethics, collaboration, and much more. The possibilities are endless!