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Side Wall Burner

Side Wall Burner brochure

Premix radiant wall burner firing solution

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Developing combustion solutions for tomorrow

Fired heaters play a key role in the hydrocarbon industry. The demands on the burners in these heaters are increasing as users and regulators require higher efficiency and more stringent NOx emission limits. With many shapes and sizes, Technip Energies Side Wall Burners (TSWB®) are used in steam reforming, steam cracking, refining and other processes. With more than 20,000 burners installed during the last 20 years, we have a large base of knowledge about burner technology. We were the first to apply flat-flame side wall burners that direct the flame radially across the face of the refractory, creating a more even heat flux. The method improves tube life and heater on-stream time.


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