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Digital will drive the energy transition

3 questions with Julie Cranga, VP Digital

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Q: What is the value of Digital for Technip Energies?

Julie Cranga (JC), VP Digital, Technip Energies: Digital helps us increase efficiency and productivity. However, as our industry undergoes significant transformation, it provides more than a chance to increase efficiency and deliver flawless operations; it helps us speed up the shift to a low-carbon future. Digital is reshaping the way we live and work, and this has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Technip Energies’ digital journey road map has three goals:

  • Build on our data and digital foundations to become a data centric company, with a strong data culture to create more business value.
  • Establish digital project execution as a way to set us apart.
  • Become a leader in digital services for the energy transition, with an offer that covers the entire plant life cycle.
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Julie Cranga, VP Digital, Technip Energies

Digital tools and technologies are essential to the energy transition. Our approach will reinforce the drive to carbon neutrality. We’ll harness digital’s power as we rethink ways to deliver our projects and define new business models. For example, with solutions to support the decarbonization of a sector such as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

We’ll succeed if we capture and connect data, and leverage its full value in the right collaborative environment and ecosystem of partners. Technology alone can’t do everything: a successful digital transformation is driven by people and collaboration. We must combine our efforts, skill sets, and talents to tackle those huge challenges at the required pace.

      Q: What is Technip Energies offering?

      JC: Internally, our efforts focus on digitalization of project execution: we’re creating a toolbox of digital solutions to establish a unique way of managing projects, including ready to use libraries, standardized and digitalized processes, and smart construction tools. We want to achieve full harmonization of project methods and tools by the end of 2023.

      Our SPEED™ model takes system engineering to the next level, maximizing re-use opportunities, and reducing cycle time. It’s already used in areas such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Hydrogen and Acid Gas removal, and it’s being expanded to other technologies such as Green H2. It’s an appropriate approach as we move to smaller size and energy transition projects.

      By prioritizing investments in digital technologies we’ll help deliver new energy projects faster and de-risk investments. We can be digital by design – in other words achieve full project lifecycle traceability – as we scale up new energy solutions such as low carbon H2 or Floating Offshore Wind.

      Digital twins and digital services

      When it comes to digital twins, we already deliver project data environments, analysis of real time plant data versus simulations and advanced 3D plant visualization. Working with clients, we’re defining standard specifications for digital twins. Ultimately, our aim is to deliver digital twin-ready assets and plants.

      We’re aligning our approach to standardization and digitalization of project practices with our clients’ vision and our leadership in this area is recognized. Our recent announcement with ARAS is another example of how we’re leading the way.

      When it comes to our Digital Services, Beyond™ by T.EN is the umbrella name for our suite of services for the energy transition. It encapsulates how we’re looking to transform our clients’ experience and meet their evolving needs, while going beyond oil and gas and the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) business.

      We’ve developed a services culture built on a 60-year track record in the energy industry, and a “start-up approach” to develop digital products in an agile way. Our tools include: Gen-CAT™, a carbon assessment suite for direct and indirect scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions; and Spyro Asset Management, a major advancement for ethylene plant operators.

      Beyond™ by T.EN also covers advanced robotic assistance for project delivery and operations, and Plant Operator Digital Simulator (PODS), a leading-edge immersive and interactive in-house training solution.

      Digital transformation and energy transition go hand-in-hand. Our innovative solutions not only help our clients make carbon-conscious choices, but they also help optimize energy transition projects, and a data-driven approach to measuring and improving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) KPIs.

      Q: Why is data important and how can we accelerate our journey to become fully data-centric?

      JC: Data is the backbone of the digital transformation. Rigorous, well used data can drastically increase efficiency and bring new growth opportunities. For organizations like ours, this means a shift from a document- and tool-centric approach to a fully data-centric approach. If we streamline dataflows and connect key applications with the right digital infrastructure we can create a single source of truth that stakeholders can access, enrich, and use.

      Among other benefits, efficient data management makes it easier to estimate future projects, makes reporting simpler, improves KPI monitoring, and gives us insights on plant performance, including emissions reduction.

      Our people are making our digital and data transformation happen.

      Our people are making our digital and data transformation happen. We know that to succeed we need to focus on our employees and we’re working on tailored awareness and training programs.

      These will include training that’s accessible to all, as well as advanced programs for data specialists. For example, we’ve launched an upskilling Data Science Program to build an internal pool of data science talents.

      People want to apply their skills in companies that shape the future, and Technip Energies is one of those. The future will be greener and more digital; we will accelerate the pace of those two critical and intimately linked transformations to create a sustainable tomorrow.

      Download our Digital business acceleration white paper.

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