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International Women in Engineering Day
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International Women in Engineering Day


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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion to meet tomorrow’s engineering challenges

On this International Women in Engineering Day, we would like to recognize and celebrate all women in engineering who are dedicated to our Purpose of ‘Breaking boundaries together to engineer a sustainable future’.

As a world-leading engineering and technology player, engineering is one of the core competencies that make us excel, from design to delivery of technologies, products, services, and projects.

Engineering in the context of the energy transition echoes our passion to innovate on new technologies, to forge partnerships, and bring our clients’ game-changing solutions to life.

Indeed, Wei Cai, our Chief Technology Officer, believes it is creating a collective renaissance in the industry and Diversity & Inclusion serves as a catalyst. She said : “Everyone is looking at the challenges and asking what can be done and how can we do it faster. Partnerships are more important than ever, to solve the grand challenges of energy transition.”

Equally important is our Technical Expertise Program, which empowers our people to solve complex challenges and innovate. Technip Energies now has 420 Experts who focus on increasing their technical mastery and technical impact, while continuing to develop their skills and help the company maintain industry leadership.

As part of our ESG ambitions to drive industry changes for the better, we make the most of our employees’ ideas and strengths. We recently launched our first company-wide Innovation Challenge, “Say goodbye to carbon”. This gives our people the chance to become fully-fledged intrapreneurs, and nurture fresh and diverse thinking.

Diversity is often the key to cultivating ground-breaking concepts. As Laure Mandrou, our Senior Vice President, Carbon-Free Energy Solutions, said: “The Energy Transition and low-carbon challenges calls upon an evolution of the ecosystems. More than ever, clients, contractors and their supply chain need to generate together new ideas and new technologies, leading to innovative and unique partnership schemes. Mixing diversities is central to success as it brings the dynamic and passionate thinking, the necessary openess, freshness, flexibility, and nimbleness. Such qualities are vital to challenge our way of thinking and working to reach faster decision-making and shorter work-cycles brought by the Energy Transition markets.”

International Women in Engineering Day (June 23) provides a great opportunity to share our progress in meeting our commitments on gender diversity. Magali Castano, SVP, People & Culture, explained: “Our business leaders, together with our People & Culture teams, are finalizing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) action plans for our top 10 countries (equivalent to more than 80 percent of our workforce), setting yearly milestones and metrics to advance our ESG targets. Our senior leaders have participated in dedicated workshops to initiate and begin cascading our inclusive values, and act on the key drivers that influence D&I in the organization.”

As we lead technology change and push forward the energy transition, we want to thank all the women who have chosen to develop their career in Technip Energies and the colleagues they work with every day to help fulfil our commitments and bring positive change to the industry.

Video: International Women in Engineering Day 2022 (2:22)