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Podcast Carolina Nugroho
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Breaking Boundaries #2 - "Being a woman is not a stopper"


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Breaking Boundaries podcast with Carolina Nugroho: “Being a woman is not a stopper in my career”

The latest episode in our Breaking Boundaries podcast promises to be hugely enlightening and take a worldwide scope.

It features Carolina Nugroho, Project Manager Floating Offshore Wind. As a young expat from Indonesia, Carolina’s career took her places, quite literally. She’s lived in England, Nigeria, the USA, and France.

Carolina, who is currently based in Paris, has had to constantly adapt to new cultures, environments, and ways of life. But that’s exactly what attracted her to her job.

She has excitement for new challenges, curiosity, a passion for engineering, and a refreshing attitude about putting interests and skills ahead of gender. Carolina is all about having the confidence to chase after dreams and embracing change – after all, it might just be the start of a beautiful new journey.

Listen to Carolina in conversation with our host Talumba Katawala in this new episode of Breaking Boundaries.

"Being a woman is not a stopper": Carolina Nugroho, Project Manager FOW