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Breaking Boundaries Valentina Gabriel
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Technip Energies launches “Breaking Boundaries” podcast to spotlight its teams


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Technip Energies, a leader in engineering and technologies for the energy transition, is launching Breaking Boundaries, a podcast aimed at promoting unique individuals and unconventional career paths within the Group.

Presented in the form of a 30-minute interview, this podcast in English is hosted by Talumba Katawala, head of local content and public affairs at Technip Energies in Mozambique.

Each month, Breaking Boundaries will feature one individual who is pushing the boundaries and contributing to the success of Technip Energies, known for its mastery of complex industrial projects, often in remote and hostile environments, in many cases achieving world technology firsts.

To inaugurate this series of podcasts, Valentina Gabriel, Technip Energies' Head of Kuala Lumpur Operating Centre based in Malaysia, and the first woman to lead a world region, looks back on her 30 years with the company. She shares her experiences of life in a multicultural environment and the challenges she has had to overcome. Valentina also outlines her vision of current issues for both the industrial sector and society as a whole, offering an inspiring perspective on ESG issues as well as on the place of women engineers in the industry.

This podcast guests, drawn from both operational and support teams at Technip Energies, will describe their personal and professional journeys, their daily lives, and the pride they take in their work.

Technip Energies employs 15,000 engineers and technicians around the world, offering them a variety of career paths. The Group employs people of 104 different nationalities in 34 countries, of which some 27% are women and 46% from the Millennials and Generation Z age brackets. Since 2021, Technip Energies has set itself the target of recruiting 50% women among its new graduate hires. This initiative is in line with the Group's ESG roadmap, which also aims to see women occupying 25% of leadership roles by 2025.

This series of podcasts will be accessible via Deezer, Spotify, as well as on the Technip Energies website and YouTube channel.

Video: "Trust, try & see": Valentina Gabriel, Head of Kuala Lumpur Operating Center (21:29)