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Technip Energies acquires technology from Shell to accelerate bio-polyester production

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The acquisition of glycol purification technology will accelerate Technip Energies’ Bio-2-GlycolsTM commercialization.

Technip Energies (PARIS:TE) and Shell Catalysts & Technologies announce a technology transfer agreement which accelerates the commercialization of Technip Energies’ Bio-2-GlycolsTM technology for bio-based Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) production from glucose.

MEG is traditionally produced using fossil-based feedstock to make various types of polyesters for packaging materials, such as plastic bottles, and in clothing apparel. With this acquisition, Technip Energies intends to offer a bio-based polyester solution by replacing fossil-based feedstock. By using a bio-sourced monomer, the Bio-2-GlycolsTM technology allows for polyesters to be produced with lower carbon footprints and less environmental impact.

This technology transfer agreement allows to combine Shell’s research and development results with Technip Energies’ bio-MEG technology, to offer a more efficient, bio-based MEG technology to the market. The new combined technology will be commercialized under the Bio-2-GlycolsTM trademark.

Wei Cai, Chief Technology Officer, of Technip Energies commented: “We are pleased to have completed this agreement which allows us to propose an optimized, combined solution to make bio-MEG, a common feedstock for various everyday life applications. We are confident about rapidly commercializing our Bio-2-GlycolsTM technology. Our objective is to offer this technology in 2025 which will contribute significantly to the net zero challenge.”

Elise H. Nowee, President of Shell Catalysts & Technologies commented: “We're excited to announce this agreement with Technip Energies, combining our respective technologies to enhance and accelerate the commercialization of Bio-2-Glycols™. By integrating Technip Energies’ expertise with our own development work on Bio-2-Glycols, we're poised to expedite the deployment of sustainable alternatives to fossil-based feedstocks, driving innovation, and together, paving a way for a more efficient and sustainable solution in this area.”

About Technip Energies

Technip Energies is a leading Engineering & Technology company for the energy transition, with leadership positions in LNG, hydrogen and ethylene as well as growing market positions in blue and green hydrogen, sustainable chemistry and CO2 management. The Company benefits from its robust project delivery model supported by an extensive technology,  products and services offering.

Operating in 34 countries, our 15,000 people are fully committed to bringing our clients’ innovative projects to life, breaking boundaries to accelerate the energy transition for a better tomorrow.

Technip Energies shares are listed on Euronext Paris. In addition, Technip Energies has a Level 1 sponsored American Depositary Receipts (“ADR”) program, with its ADRs trading over the counter.

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About Shell Catalysts & Technologies

Shell Catalysts & Technologies exists to provide Shell and non-Shell businesses with the tools, technologies and insights that are needed to navigate the energy transition.

We are pushing boundaries in the energy transition space. For decades, we have been developing game-changing technological innovations to help solve challenges that were previously thought to be unsolvable. Now we have, or are developing, a wide range of differentiated solutions that offer attractive decarbonisation opportunities, including biofuels, carbon capture and decarbonised (blue) hydrogen technologies.

What sets us apart is the knowledge we have gained from Shell’s corporate heritage as the operator of refineries and petrochemical plants around the world. It also gives us a unique perspective on how refiners can remain competitive.

Our world-class catalyst and research and development expertise has enabled us to establish an enviable track record for developing leading-edge zeolites and catalysts, advanced solvents and pioneering processes, and provides a strong foundation for our future technology development.

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