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Mission Handicap

Our disability employment program in France

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Mission Handicap was established by Technip Energies France to place the issue of disability among its human resources and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) priorities. The objective of Mission Handicap is to implement the guidelines adopted by Technip Energies France to ensure the continued employment and professional integration of people with disabilities in France.


Promoting a fair, diverse and inclusive work culture leads to more innovative, efficient and successful teams. To that end, embracing all types of diversities in our workforce is ultimately beneficent for the whole organization, not just the right thing to do as per our global diversity and inclusion standards. 

At Technip Energies France, the actions to foster inclusion of people with disabilities are divided into 4 main axes:​ 

  1. Recruitment and integration of disabled people
  2. Job retention 
  3. Awareness, communication, and training 
  4. Responsible purchasing. 


Recruitment and integration 

The first axis of our program aims to increase the number of disabled people in our recruitment process and, consequently, in our payroll. 

Main actions: 

  • Participation in recruitment events designed entirely for disabled workers 
  • Job offers published including a disabled-friendly mention 
  • Job offers published on Job boards dedicated to disabled workers 
  • Training of our Talent Acquisition officers to inclusive recruitment.


Job retention 

It is vital we have measures in place so people with a disability can do their job in the same way as everyone else, while preserving their health. ​ 

Mission Handicap offers measures to compensate disability affecting the job performance of our current employees. This is not special treatment, but a way to ensure equity amongst our current employees​. 

Job retention actions are put in place by Mission Handicap, after recommendation of the Occupational Health department. 

Main actions: 

  • ​Financing disability aids like hearing aids and wheelchairs 
  • Extended work from home when needed​ 
  • Ergonomic study of workstations at office and at home​  
  • Adjusting the workstation through technical and material adaptations 
  • Specific follow up from the Occupational Health department 
  • Coverage of transport on the condition that the occupational doctor establishes the need for the employee to use adapted transport 
  • Authorized days of absence to carry out medical procedures and absence to take steps to apply for or renew the status of disabled worker. 

Awareness and communication 

Communicating and training are crucial to promote awareness about disability in the workplace and reaffirm Technip Energies’ commitment to nurture a culture of inclusion for all. 

Also, the company wishes to participate in the improvement of the qualification of disabled people through trainings, skills development and recruitment of trainees and alternating work experience students with disabilities. 

Main actions: 

  • Dedicated intranet page for the Mission Handicap program 
  • Internal awareness campaigns, news, events and conferences​ 
  • ​​Dedicated training on disability and inclusion to Human Resources, Purchasing, and Proposals departments. 


Responsible Purchasing 

Another way to boost indirect employment of disabled people is to foster fruitful partnerships with the Protected Sector​. 

In France, the Protected Sector means centers and adapted companies providing care through employment for persons with disabilities. They count more than 80% of people with disabilities on their staff.​ 

The Mission Handicap goal is to encourage our procurement to source services and goods, when possible, with the Protected Sector. ​ 

The Protected Sector features expertise and services in a wide range of fields such as information technologies, catering, marketing, or industrial services.​ 

Some examples of services hired through the Protected Sector in Paris and Lyon:​ 

  • Courier trial and dispatch​ 
  • EDEW (European Disability Employment Week) event.

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    Since its creation, Technip Energies France’s Mission Handicap has organized a series of events including work forums, conferences, in conjunction with its key collaborators.  

    Firstly, Mission Handicap’s collaboration with Agefiph* (French association for the professional insertion of disabled people) has offered, monthly, several content (videos, guides, posters, events) about a type of disability increasing overall awareness: 

    • Impairment and employment  
    • Evolutive chronic diseases  
    • Olympic games and Handisport 
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) 
    • DYS-type disorders 
    • RQTH** (recognition of disabled worker status) and employment.

    In partnership with Technip Energies France Talent Acquisition department, Mission Handicap participated in two editions of the ‘Hello Handicap’ Forum this year. This was a recruitment event designed entirely for disabled workers. It was a 100% virtual forum featuring than 60 job offers, facilitating the meeting between talents and those who are looking for them. 

    With the Occupational Health department, Mission Handicap facilitated Technip Energies’ participation in Duo Day. During this nationwide initiative, Technip Energies France welcomed a person with a disability who was paired up with a volunteer professional (Occupational Nurse), enabling to discover a profession and business while participating in various activities.

     (*) Association de Gestion du Fonds pour l'Insertion Professionnelle des Personnes Handicapées 

    (**) Reconnaissance de la Qualité de Travailleur Handicapé