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Empowering Diversity and Inclusion through our D&I Champions Network*

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At Technip Energies, we're dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion through our D&I Champions Network.

This global initiative focuses on concrete actions to drive inclusivity. We've developed customized Inclusion in Action and Engagement plans with over 70 initiatives, covering key areas such as career advancement, well-being, and talent acquisition.

Our D&I Champions, comprising 70+ Ambassadors who are nominated Business and People & Culture representatives, play a pivotal role in advocating for inclusivity. They prioritize inclusive leadership, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity within their local teams. These champions are catalysts for change, identifying barriers to inclusion and actively participating in the network to drive positive impact.

Our D&I Champions are at the forefront of making diversity and inclusion a reality within Technip Energies, transforming ideals into everyday practices. Their unwavering commitment propels us towards a more inclusive workplace, and we look forward to their continued contributions.