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Inclusion in Action at Technip Energies

Thrive in an inclusive environment with talents from around the world

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Fostering an inclusive and caring environment

Our ambitions to foster an inclusive and caring environment have been reflected by our continuous efforts to keep our Diversity and Inclusion (“D&I”) agenda a business priority.

“Inclusion in Action” is Technip Energies’ response to developing our culture of inclusion by nurturing a genuine connection for and between every individual to feel welcome, respected and engaged. 

We are cultivating real behavioral change in everyday interactions and ways of working to boost innovation and collaboration, providing a complementary answer to progress on diversities representation at each level of the organization.

A diverse group of Technip Energies employees smiling
Image of Magali Castano

At Technip Energies, it’s important to nurture a culture that encourages transparency and collaboration to the benefit of our people and our business. In this way, we leverage our diversity for a stronger and more successful Technip Energies. 

By setting ambitious goals, such as achieving 35% women in permanent roles by 2030 and 25% of women in leadership by 2025, we demonstrate our commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that our workforce reflects the diverse talents and perspectives needed for continued success.

Magali Castano, Chief People Officer

Our Ambitions

We prioritize gender Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure inclusion progress through a universally applicable metric. Our emphasis lies in achieving workforce balance, delivering concrete outcomes in gender representation across organizational levels, and implementing effective governance for impactful results. 


30.5% women on the permanent workforce.

Target: 35% by 2030 & 50% by 2025


50% women in graduate hiring.

Target: 50% yearly intake 


22% women in leadership positions.

Target: 25% by 2025


40% women on the Board of Directors.

Target: 40% by 2024


100% local diversity & inclusion action plan.

Target: 100% by 2025

Image of Wei Cai

Here at Technip Energies, we put our Inclusion and Diversity agenda as a top-tier of business priorities. We’re actively fostering real behavioral changes in everyday interactions and work practices. We want every employee to bring their best selves to innovation and collaborate.

Wei Cai, Chief Technology Officer and D&I Sponsor

Many Voices, One team

Image of TEN employee Carolina Nugroho

As a woman in the technical field I feel empowered to follow my passion and my curiosity. I’m lucky to have had great mentors, male and female, who believed in me.”


Carolina Nugroho, Special Projects Manager, Innovation & Technology – Green H2& Power-to X
Image of Li Na

The younger generation want work to be meaningful. As a manager, I see myself not as a boss, but as a service provider, to help my team deliver, to achieve our goals."


Li Na, Country Manager, China Operating Center
Image of Alexandra Arango-Larche

I believe multicultural awareness is important for collaboration, both internally and externally since we have a multicenter execution for most projects."


Alexandra Arango-Larche, Head of the UK Operating Center

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