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Fostering Inclusivity: Our Inclusion in Action Plan

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Fostering Inclusivity: Our Inclusion in Action Plan

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) is more than just a statement; it's a core part of our values. Fundamentally, Diversity means nothing without inclusion.  We believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment not only empowers our team but also fuels innovation towards our collective success.

We consider our Diversity and Inclusion agenda as a business priority like any other topic. In January 2023, Technip Energies nominated Wei Cai, our Chief Technology Officer as our D&I Sponsor. She brings her passion, convictions and fresh perspective to the table on our 3 priorities: 

  • Delivering tangible results of gender representation at all levels
  • Driving a robust governance to deliver results
  • Increasing awareness on barriers of inclusion in the workplace 


To do so, we run concrete initiatives at all levels of the organization, such as:

  • The set-up of global and local D&I champions groups to cultivate a real change in the way people collaborate and work together.  70+ volunteer Ambassadors have been nominated locally to be the driving force behind our organization's transformation. They are business representatives from our global Operating Centers. These champions aren't just employees: they are natural advocates for D&I within their local leadership teams.
  • The implantation of a D&I course for all employees as part of our Future-Ready Learning Program by T.EN University to raise awareness on our own biases and nurture an inclusive workplace in all layers of the organization.
  • Finally, we have crafted D&I and Engagement action plans, tailored to each of our top countries with the highest population. The goal is clear: to provide an environment where every employee can thrive. These comprehensive plans encompass over 70 initiatives, delving into essential themes such as career advancement, job fulfillment, employee well-being, compensation and benefits, and talent acquisition, among others.

Diversity and inclusion are not just words on a page; they are the guiding principles that shape our organization. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone can thrive, and our Inclusion in Action plan is the roadmap to make it a reality. Together, a climate of growth and development where everyone in the company can be their authentic selves without bias!