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Picture of Sandra Melki, Vice President Marketing & Sustainability
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Strategic Marketing and Sustainability: translating strategy into tangible results

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Appointed in December 2022, Sandra Melki is Vice President Marketing & Sustainability at Technip Energies. Sandra brings a wealth of experience in the fields of marketing and sustainability as well as business transformation and digital, having held senior positions in consulting & tech companies (Accenture, Microsoft) or industrial sector (Schneider Electric). 

Q - What brings together Strategic Marketing & Sustainability within Technip Energies?

Sandra Melki (SM) - For Technip Energies, sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. We believe we have a critical role to play to accelerate the energy market transformation in a sustainable way and make a positive impact by providing solutions to help our customers achieve their decarbonization goals. The role of strategic marketing is to translate this strategy into tangible results. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to combine strategic marketing and sustainability. Our goal is to drive profitable growth with a portfolio of offerings including technology, products, and services that are sustainable by design, and create value for the company and its stakeholders.  

Q - How do you achieve this?

SM - We developed and launched a range of iconic offerings such as SnapLNG by T.EN™, which is our electrified low-carbon LNG solution designed to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of LNG facilities, and Canopy by T.EN™, which is our dedicated carbon capture solution. These innovative modularized and standardized solutions simplify the supply chain, reduce risk including Safety, minimize on-site labor, accelerate time to market and provide greater certainty in terms of cost execution and delivery schedule. We also launched BlueH2 by T.EN™  to produce low-carbon hydrogen. All these flagship offers are totally aligned with our net zero ambition and highlight our market positioning in the decarbonization era.

But carbon emissions are just one part of the sustainability equation. People are at the core of our strategy. Gender parity, upskilling, safety, human rights, environmental and biodiversity impact are also our top priorities and part of our ESG scorecard.

Q - How is Technip Energies’ ESG roadmap evolving? 

SM - The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires companies to report their sustainability performance according to European Sustainability Reporting Standards. This is an ambitious commitment and our ESG roadmap is evolving to reflect this. We have simplified our framework which is now centered around three pillars. The first pillar is preservation of the climate and environment; the second is about safety and the development of our people; and the third is centered around trust, building strong governance, transparency, and accountability. 

Aligned with the UN sustainable development goals, and with a focus on driving positive changes for all our stakeholders, our ESG scorecard is designed to make it easier to track progress and accelerate results. In terms of climate and the environment, our KPIs include impact driven targets to reach net zero for our direct emissions (scope 1 & 2) by 2030, and our indirect emissions (scope 3) by 2050. By developing low-carbon solutions our objective is to help our clients avoid 15 MtCO2e by 2025.

We have also strengthened our ESG governance. I chair the ESG Operational Committee, whose 16 members from the extended Executive Committee and VP represent all the disciplines and functions of the company. We have set up eight working groups to deploy action plans for each topic of the ESG scorecard, including Human Rights, Diversity & Inclusion, Supply Chain, Climate & Environment and Stakeholders. Everyone is fully engaged to ensure we achieve our ESG ambitions.  

Q - What has been the feedback from external stakeholders? 

SM - The feedback from ESG rating agencies has been very positive. We have maintained our AAA rating by MSCI, and Morningstar Sustainalytics placed the company in the top 10% of ESG leaders in the industry. This is a good signal from the market that we are moving in the right direction. Since our company launch in February 2021, rating agencies have recognized the continuous progress we have made and the concrete actions we put in place to achieve our targets. We aim to play a leadership role in our sector, to be recognized as a first mover, and to make sure that our employees are proud to be part of this company.

Placing sustainability as a company priority really is a game-changer for business. At Technip Energies it is not a constraint, it’s an opportunity for us to create value for all our stakeholders, for all our employees and for the company.